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Puri Dana Villa and Grounds

Puri Dana is a Seminyak Bali rental villa, your "Private Hotel", with all the concierge services of a larger hotel, with 2 bedrooms, and 3 large bedroom suites, all with ensuite bathrooms, accommodating up to 13 guests at a time.

We offer five-star service in the privacy of a colonial residence within high walls in the center of vibrant Seminyak.

Bali is a magical place for rejuvenation, gaining perspective through reflection, or simply focusing on one’s wellbeing. We provide customized itineraries for week to two weeklong sessions concentrating on a balanced physical and spiritual existence for groups and individuals alike. Depending on one’s personal interests and goals this can include dietary guidance, fasting, yoga, surfing, spirituality, massages and spa treatments, music and art instruction, and we’re open to further suggestions.

Puri means large house or palace and is the name of houses for the warrior caste in Bali. Dana is Sanskrit for generosity, hospitality and philanthropy. Our goal is to provide an environment where people can feel at peace, concentrate on their happiness and live in balance.

Puri Dana can also be rented in its entirety without any additional programs, as suited to each guest’s preference.

Whatever your ideal is for a vacation in paradise, we look forward to assisting you.

The combination of exotic Balinese gardens, expansive covered veranda clad in Borneo ironwood, the outside bar, the lounge chairs, and the teak gazebo overhanging the pool, create an ambiance for poolside entertaining by day and night. Our guests have said to us, ‘ This is what I always imagined a house to be like in Bali. It is so beautiful.” Our greatest compliment is to hear that we have succeeded is creating a place of beauty and serenity.